July 13, 2022

Foster connections and maintain company culture

The WFH movement has caused a paradigm shift within society and in work as we know it. It depends on who you talk to, but for many, this has been a hugely positive thing for allowing employees more autonomy and freedom over their time, as well as, many have argued, increased motivation.

However, there are questions being raised around how company culture, particularly in large corporations, is being affected. With no face-to-face interaction; flirting at the water cooler, or gossiping over lunch, is the "community" that has been created through working in an office being threatened?

We believe that merchandise has the potential to save these businesses in a super simple way. By using merchandise to promote company culture, working from home can lead to a stronger community feel, not weaker.

By providing employees access to personalised merchandise that encourages them to represent their team, their role, and their department, we can connect staff back to the company and create a sense of belonging. We've seen it work extremely well for separate teams within the same department sporting the same gear in team meetings; which encourages this sense of comradery.

If employees see their branding everywhere they look; on our computer screens, on the coffee mug we reach for every morning, and even on the notepad we use to jot down ideas we can build better affiliation with the brand.

This constant visual representation of the company can help to keep employees feeling connected to their organisation, even when they're working from home. In turn, this can lead to a stronger sense of community within the company, as employees feel more invested in its success.

So if your staff is feeling disconnected from your company or coworkers while working from home, don't despair, there are ways to reconnect and rebuild those important relationships.