How are items personalised?

There are differing points of personalisation for each item of apparel or product Badge of Honour offers. For most items you can add your initials, which are embellished on a per order basis. The other point of personalisation will depend on the brand you are purchasing.

What items can be personalised?

All items sold through Badge of Honour are able to be personalised, however the points of personalisation are determined by our brand partners who are using this platform.

Why does the name field default to blank?

Our website blocks certain words and names from being applied as part of the customisation. These words are determined by the brands that we represent on this website to maintain legal, brand and licensing requirements. If your name, surname or nickname (non-offensive) is being blocked from being entered, simply copy and paste the full name from another application like Notes, Word, Pages etc.

I’ve made a mistake on my personalisation, can I change my order?

Get in touch with us as soon as you can and if your item has not yet been embroidered we will arrange a change to your order. Unfortunately, once the item is in production for personalisation you cannot change the order, however we understand that mistakes are made and unintended so if you contact us immediately and we have your same item available, we will provide you with a 30% discount code to place a new order with Badge of Honour.

Where are your apparel items and products manufactured?

Our apparel and other wearable goods are designed in Australia and made by our partners throughout the world. Our production partners provide the very best quality apparel and their high quantity capabilities enable us to keep our prices affordable for our customers. 

Where are the materials sourced from?

Materials such as fabric, embroidery cotton and embellishments are sourced locally and overseas. We source from the locations that provide the highest quality materials so that we can create the very best apparel and custom items for our customer.

Is your packaging sustainable and recyclable?

Yes. Our packaging is created by https://heropackaging.com.au/ are made from home-compostable materials, mainly corn starch and PBAT (a compostable ingredient which bonds the renewable ingredients together). Learn how to compost the packaging once you’ve opened your Badge of Honour gear https://heropackaging.com.au/pages/faqs

What is wearable pride?

Great question. ‘Wearable pride’ is how we describe the experience our apparel and other goods deliver for customers. We custom design and make products for brands that enable people to have a shared experience and feel a sense of belonging. By wearing a personalised item that’s on-brand you’re able to physically show your pride for what you choose to be a part of.

Do you abide by ethical manufacturing standards?

Absolutely. And to make sure all our supply chain is ethical, our manufacturing partners undergo mandated Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) every year. You can learn more about the SMETA methodology here https://www.sedex.com/our-services/smeta-audit/

What types of brands do you create apparel for?

The sky's the limit really! We can make custom goods for any brand or organisation that could benefit from personalised wearable items for their customers, punters, fans, members, event etc.

What’s the process from design to manufacturing to order and personalisation?

Once a brand or organisation needs a custom apparel range developed, our design team in Australia work with the branding guidelines and craft items specific to the requested outcomes. We then work with our manufacturing partners in China to create samples of the garments and other wearable goods, out of the highest quality materials, and these samples are provided to the brand or organisation for approval. 

The approved designs are then put into production and delivered to Australia for quality checking and further customisation. Once you place an order on this website for your custom apparel item, we add the personalisation elements you’ve requested, using the highest-rated embroidery machines, and as soon as your gear is ready we send it straight to you for wearing.

How long does it take to personalise each item?

As soon as you order, it takes between three and five days to personalise all items, so your completed order will be shipped within five days of ordering.

Can I track my order?

For every order we provide a confirmation email, and you can select mobile notifications as well. Customers will receive a notification when the personalisation process commences, and again when the order is ready to be delivered. From there we rely on our delivery partners Australia Post and Sendle to provide the tracking information for their services. If you haven’t received an order notification or update within five days of placing your order, please contact us.

Should I wash my garment before I wear it?

All our fabrics are pre-washed, so there is no need to wash before you wear. For customers with skin or olfactory sensitivities we recommend that you wash with your regular detergent before wearing. We recommend following the care instructions labelled inside your garment when washing. No returns will be accepted for garments or headwear that’s been affected due to washing against the instructions provided. 

We do not advise that you wash caps or trucker caps as this will compromise the structural integrity of the piece and likely ruin it.

Can I get garment sizes outside of the standard ranges?

We can definitely create garments to specifications outside the standard sizes. If you or your customers have particular sizing requirements then let us know and we will design and produce to the specifications for the optimum wearable experience.

What is your returns policy?

Our wearable goods are made to last and we 100% back the quality of our products, so faulty items are unlikely to occur. If your item is damaged or faulty on receipt please contact us immediately to arrange for a return. Our returns policy complies with Australian consumer regulations, however as each piece is personalised just for you, we cannot accept exchanges or refunds for change of mind. If you don’t like an item once you receive it we encourage you to get in touch with us so that we can find a workable solution. We want our customers to wear their chosen brand with pride, so whatever we can do to ensure you love your Badge of Honour item, we will do. To view our full returns policy, click here.

How does your Australian Delivery service work?

Once your order is personalised and ready to be sent, we arrange with one of our delivery partners to get it to you ASAP. We know you’re keen to receive your items, so we use the leading delivery services to make sure your wearable goods arrive quickly, well-presented, safe and undamaged. You can read more about the expected delivery timings over here.