Our Why

We enable people to have a tangible sense of belonging and a greater experience with their community, village, event, organisation, squad, partners, classmates, family.

Badge of Honour provides genuine and personalised wearable pride which immediately identifies an individual as being connected to their chosen community. Our top quality apparel and accessories are customisable to the customer’s needs and desires and made exact to their brand guidelines for accurate representation.

What we value

For ourselves and our partners quality is a measure of good character as well as what’s produced. We value quality not only in the creation and delivery of our products, for which we demand the highest, but it’s also an imperative to the service we give, the experiences we enable and the social impact we strive for. We work with partners and no one works for us. Our professional relationships are based on shared values and aligned goals. These partnerships are entered into by choice, with the promise of being mutually beneficial.

Everything we do is so that we can give back to the people and the communities we belong to.

We are driven by the greater good and lead by example giving back when and where we can. We believe that we need not be the sole beneficiaries of this business and persist each day ourselves to be greater than good.

Wearable pride enables our customers to have a connection, a sense of belonging with their team, community, village, event, organisation, squad, partners, classmates, family …

This connectedness amplifies the experiences they have as a unit, and for us we are ultimately in the business of unity; a part of creating memorable, empowering and purposeful experiences.

How it works

Our top quality wearable goods are available with a unique level of customisation to give your customers something they feel proud to wear.

Choose the items you want to represent your brand from a range of tailor designed wearable goods. Or chat with us about creating a unique range, just for you.

Customise the apparel items by applying the branding elements – colours, logo, tagline and website URL – specific to the guidelines of your brand, business, team or other.


Personalise each piece of apparel for your people with different points of embroidery available on all items making it unique, personal and more wearable for every individual.