About Us.

What you decide to wear is how you choose to present yourself to the world. At Badge of Honour, we help you express your individuality with personalisable high-quality clothing from the most iconic franchises in the world.

Our Why

At Badge of Honour, our goal has always been to make it possible for people to feel more connected, whether that connection is to a community, village, event, organisation, squad, partner, classmate, family or to simply make an impact walking down the street.

We exclusively offer authentic, personalised wearable apparel that helps individuals to stand out amongst their chosen groups. Individuality has always been at the forefront of our business model and as such our high-quality apparel and accessories are completely customisable to the customer’s needs and desires, keeping in line with branding guidelines specific to each program to ensure accurate representation.

What we value

We have always and will continue to place a premium on quality, not only in who we choose to partner with but the production and distribution of our goods, for which we set high standards. These things only fall secondary to the service we provide, the interactions we enable, and the social impact we seek.

We choose to seek and build partnerships rather than have people work for us. Our professional relationships are based on shared values and aligned goals. These partnerships are entered into by choice, with the promise of being mutually beneficial.

Everything we do is so that we can give back to the people and the communities we belong to. We are driven by the greater good and lead by example giving back when and where we can. We believe that we need not be the sole beneficiaries of this business and persist each day ourselves to be greater than good.

Wearable pride enables our customers to have a connection, a sense of belonging with their team, community, village, event, organisation, squad, partners, classmates, family …

This connectedness amplifies the experiences they have as a unit, and fundamentally we are in the business of bringing people together to create memorable, inspiring, and purposeful experiences.